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The Social Entrepreneurship & Innovation Podcast

Sep 22, 2020

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In this episode, we're speaking with Matthew Weatherley-White of The Caprock Group. The Caprock Group is an impact advisory firm that focuses on protecting and growing family wealth. Caprock advocates for their clients and serves as true financial partners in all investment decisions. 

The Caprock Group is different because it operates on the assumption that capitalism can be a force for good. Caprock directs impact-oriented families and mission-driven foundations to allocate money and invest in companies that make positive impact in the face of issues like climate change and social inequality. When impact investing supports these businesses, capitalism is leveraged to advance solutions to pressing problems and achieve positive social change.

In our Episode with Matthew, we discuss:

  • What the future holds for capitalism
  • How capitalism can be used as a force for good 
  • The Caprock Group's involvement in the B corporation as a founding member
  • Matthew's thoughts on how capitalism has veered away from its original intent

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