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The Social Entrepreneurship & Innovation Podcast

Jan 22, 2019

Welcome back to the Grow Ensemble Podcast. In today’s episode, we speak with Allison Gibson, part owner and Operational Director of Paintbox Catering and Bistro, a B Corporation located in Toronto.

It was an awesome conversation with Allison and we cover a number of things in this episode, a few of those being Allison’s and Paintbox’s thoughts on culture and leadership and how that’s led to the success of not just Paintbox but also their staff.

We talk about the social enterprise certification, specifically the B Corporation Certification and how that was an early difference maker for Paintbox in companies and early customers choosing to work with them over others. Finally, Allison shares how she manages herself given some of the crazy commitments, times and otherwise that are oftentimes required of working in the catering and service industry as Allison does.

So stay tuned for this incredible episode!