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The Social Entrepreneurship & Innovation Podcast

Dec 17, 2020

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In this episode, we welcome Ted Dintersmith. Ted is a film producer, author, and speaker on education and innovation.

Ted founded the nonprofit What School Could Be after realizing that there was a gap in standard education needing to be filled. What School Could Be seeks to reimagine what a classroom, a test, and a student all look like. Instead of stifling children’s interests and curiosity as the current public education system does, we need to allow each student to create their own path of learning and become purposeful contributors to society based on their own interests, talents, and potential. 

As an organization, What School Could Be seeks to amplify the work of educators forging paths of innovation for their students. The purpose of school isn’t to provide data for our policymakers to use for funding and bills, the purpose of school is to help children live happy, fulfilling lives.

In our Episode with Ted, we discuss:

  • How being a father informed Ted's decision to start his journey in Education and found What Schools Could Be
  • Ted's experience traveling the country to visit schools and studying classroom curriculum and interaction
  • The problem with standardized education
  • What Ted and What Schools Could Be imagines the future will look like for schools
  • How we can promote a more effective and impactful future for education 

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