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The Social Entrepreneurship & Innovation Podcast

Mar 16, 2021

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This episode originally aired in April 2020. You can find the full episode & show notes here:

If you’ve ever been to a sub-par networking event, you’ll know that community-building efforts are only as strong as the people participating and the resources available to ensure a solid connection. 

Building a community is an essential part of any well-functioning team or brand. A supportive community offers value and is key to cultivating employee engagement. So, when a business is fostering new connections and building a community that provides real impact, what are the benefits? What is the shared power in building a community together? 

Civic Dinners is a platform that gives groups the opportunity to host events around a certain topic, and provides them with the resources to do so with ease. Whether an individual is interested in discussing the future of the climate crisis or a company is eager to spark open conversations on neutral ground, Civic Dinners is creating communities rooted in relationships. Founder Jenn Graham’s unique vision has allowed for more than 1,300 dinners to take place. 

In our Re-run Episode with Jenn, we discuss: 

  • The story and meaning behind Civic Dinners
  • How She and the company are addressing and adapting to the COVID-19 pandemic
  • What’s led to Civic Dinners’ momentum and success, having over 1,500 dinners hosted, from New Zealand to Atlanta, and many cities in between since launch.
  • Lessons and insights she has learned over the years on successfully fostering civic engagement and community 

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