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The Social Entrepreneurship & Innovation Podcast

Dec 14, 2021

Andrew Morgan is an internationally recognized filmmaker, and the director of The True Cost, a documentary about the global impact of the fashion industry. First released in 2015, the film took Andrew and his team on a journey around the world, from documenting brand-name factories in Bangladesh, characterized by disgraceful working conditions and human rights violations, to the elite catwalks of Paris Fashion Week. 

This episode continues our series on The Impact of Fashion, where we explore the social, environmental, and economic challenges facing the fashion industry with our partners at Dhana

In this conversation with Andrew, we discuss his love of filmmaking and storytelling, how he first decided to pursue this documentary without any prior interest in fashion, and how his understanding of the world has shifted in the years since it was first released. We delve into the systemic changes necessary to influence the future of fashion to be more equitable, sustainable, and humane, and unpack how to remain hopeful when change doesn’t happen fast enough.

Andrew also shares how he continues to stay informed of the fashion world, how his work has influenced the way he parents and why he wants to remind listeners of the unseen impact of their lives. Tune in for an honest and thought-provoking conversation on the impact of the fashion industry and the challenge of optimism.


  • Welcome *back* to our Impact of Fashion series.
  • Introducing today’s guest, Andrew Morgan, the director of The True Cost.
  • Andrew shares what originally drew him to storytelling and filmmaking as a medium.
  • The documentary that Andrew made in response to the sudden loss of his father.
  • The healing power of film and how Andrew discovered his role in the filmmaking process.
  • How Andrew discovered his skill for bringing together an exceptional team of people.
  • How a newspaper article prompted Andrew’s research into the true cost of fashion.
  • Andrew’s experiences filming The True Cost and his continuing journey with its content.
  • The huge scope of the film and why editing was the most difficult part of completing it.
  • The ongoing changes that have happened in Andrew’s life since making the film.
  • How making The True Cost has impacted Andrew’s parenting and how he discusses difficult topics with his kids.
  • Andrew’s thoughts on the film after eight years since starting production.
  • How Andrew has continued to stay informed of the fashion industry and what has been taking place.
  • The mix of optimism and disappointment that Andrew feels about the fashion industry and its impact.
  • How awareness and consumer consciousness have shifted and what it means for the future of fashion and waste.
  • How Andrew is continuing to work in the fashion space, and the subject of his next film.
  • Andrew shares his book recommendations and his thoughts about his morning routine.
  • Andrew’s advice: why you cannot understand the unseen impacts of your life.

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📄 Full Show Notes - Links, Transcript, & More


The Impact of Fashion is our series with our partners at Dhana, a leader in circular fashion. 





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