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The Social Entrepreneurship & Innovation Podcast

Feb 15, 2022

Now, more than ever, we need a dose of good news. The past few years have seen an ever-increasing wave of negative stories that are hard to ignore. Our guest today is trying to change some of that. 

Branden Harvey is the founder of Good Good Good, the host of the Sounds Good Podcast, and the managing editor of The Goodnewspaper, through which he aims to spread 'real good news' to inspire action and hope in his readers, listeners, and community. 

For Branden, it isn’t about ignoring the difficulties and tragedies that are present in our world, but rather he hopes to balance out what has become overwhelming and disheartening. 

Branden has some great tips for staying energized and proactive, and this means reading the news instead of watching it, and finding a balance that is healthy for you and your needs instead of passively doom-scrolling. 

Cory speaks to Branden about his background and what led him to where he is today, with some attention on mentorship, his passion for photography, and the beginnings of the Good Good Good brand. Branden also talks about the habits that help him stay positive about the future, and the gratitude he feels for his work and community.

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