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The Social Entrepreneurship & Innovation Podcast

Feb 22, 2022

It’s easy to get distracted by the flashy surface of the fashion industry, but it’s the sinister underbelly that we need to delve into to truly start making a difference.

In the latest installment of our series on the Impact of Fashion with our partner, Dhana, we are joined by Tara Donaldson, Executive Editor of WWD, Founder of The Diversity List, and former Editorial Director of Sourcing Journal, to talk about how the business and media of fashion co-exist. 

In her work, Tara has been covering the business of fashion, from textiles to retail, bringing light to the important issues of sustainable and impactful fashion, and speaking to a more inclusive and equitable fashion industry. 

In this episode, Tara explains the role of media in the fashion industry and its effects on sustainability, social impact, and inclusion. She breaks down the effects of fast fashion on the immediate communities and environments of workers along the supply chain and shares her views on what precisely needs to change to prevent unethical labor practices and expose the bad actors! 

We find out why we need to be supporting smaller brands who are building their business with sustainability at the center, starting with the design process, and the difficulty larger brands face in turning the ship around. 

The term “sustainability” contains everything from waste prevention to the social impact element, and Tara touches on why it’s critical to pay attention to and elevate the voices and contributions of people of color in the fashion industry.

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