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The Social Entrepreneurship & Innovation Podcast

May 14, 2019

Tim Frick is the CEO of Mightybytes, a certified B Corp digital agency based in Chicago. Mightybytes connects conscious companies and nonprofits to the digital solutions they need to create greater impact through online success. In addition to running his 22 year-old agency, he is an avid writer and a leader in the B Corporation community with a passion for sustainability.

Through blog posts, his own books, and conversations like ours, Tim shares his successes and challenges in building an enduring company in the ever-changing digital industry all while maintaining focus on their mission of sustainability and making an impact in the community.

In this episode, he provides insight into how he has been able to balance his roles as a writer and a CEO, the process of developing Mightybytes’ mission-driven identity, and the potential to achieve sustainability goals within the existing framework of your company.

A few takeaways from our conversation:

  • How to manage a schedule with writing, being the CEO of a substantial business, while supporting the growth of the sustainable business community.
  • How Tim’s desire for greater impact led him from working as a freelancer to growing Mightybytes to where it is today.
  • How impact-motivated companies can use the B Corp certification process and B Impact Assessment as a roadmap for their company’s development and vision.
  • The benefits of approaching sustainability and company problem-solving by engaging in whole-systems thinking.

Full show notes: