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The Social Entrepreneurship & Innovation Podcast

Jul 26, 2022

An impact report is a document essential in measuring a company's impact on people and the planet. It’s a tool that can help businesses align their core values and make informed decisions, providing insight and promoting a culture of accountability and transparency for customers and value chain members.

Annie Agle is the Senior Director of Sustainability and Impact at Cotopaxi, a purpose-driven company that creates outdoor products, apparel, and experiences. As a person who grew up doing outdoor activities and is passionate about methodology and philanthropy, the opportunity of working with a company that values both what she loves and enjoys is a dream come true.

Annie ensures that Cotopaxi's brands are moving in the right direction and destination as she creates as sophisticated reporting as possible that will allow investors, customers, and other businesses to understand the authenticity and effectiveness of Cotopaxi. 

In today's episode, Cory and Annie discuss the significance of impact reporting to a purpose-driven company such as Cotopaxi. Annie explains her role as a sustainability officer and the meaning and purpose of creating impact reports. She shares the actions Cotopaxi implements to take responsibility and accountability for their impact based on their annual reports and how they build a business model that gives moral leeway to prioritize people and the planet alongside profit.


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