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The Social Entrepreneurship & Innovation Podcast

Feb 4, 2020

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David Kahl founded Ergo Depot in 2005, which was rebranded as Fully in 2016. Fully is an office furniture company committed to making workplaces healthier, happier, and more productive through its innovative, sustainable designs. Fully’s growth and commitment to running a better business has truly been profound and exceptional to learn about and watch. They were certified as a B Corp back in 2013 and are leaders in their local Portland chapter, helping develop a guide on how to create strong local B Corp associations around the world.

Fully, best known for the Jarvis chair, was recently acquired by a larger publicly traded furniture company back in Pennsylvania called Knoll. It was particularly fascinating to discuss with David this process and hear his reflections on it. He expresses both the positive and the negative sides of this acquisition process. It’s a great opportunity to learn about an exemplary model of a better business and a better businessperson.

Hearing about David’s transition from being a Wall Street CPA to a mindful CEO of a conscious business that is working to change the world one desk at a time is inspiring. Sometimes it takes a catastrophic event to give you some perspective, which is David’s situation, but it is awesome to witness how David has transformed as a human and as a businessperson since that event. David discusses that impetus for founding Fully, how David feels he has contributed to the success of Fully as a company, and the details of the acquisition process.