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The Social Entrepreneurship & Innovation Podcast

Jan 10, 2019

In today’s episode of The Grow Ensemble Podcast, we are joined by Henry Marshall from Canniloq, a company specializing in creating high end stash containers for the safe consumption of cannabis. As a relatively new venture, Canniloq is starting to make inroads into the burgeoning market as marijuana is steadily becoming more widely legal in the US.

We hear from Henry about the early stages of establishing the company and product and his priorities in this regard, as well as his initial experiences of the industry at large. Henry talks to us about networking and partnerships and some of the marketing strategies they have already implemented to get their name out there. From there the conversation turns to the more socially impactful side of the company, something that seems integral to the way they do business and envision the future. The Unloq the Truth Campaign that Canniloq is spearheading is dedicated to raising awareness, support, and resources for those who have suffered at the hands of antiquated and skewed drugs laws. This means job creation, educational events and more for ex-convicts and a plethora of initiatives to introduce the new found capital of the legal cannabis industry back towards those who suffered before it was regulated in this way.

For a fascinating business and ethical discussion be sure to listen in!