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The Social Entrepreneurship & Innovation Podcast

May 7, 2019

Emily Lonigro is the President & Founder of LimeRed, a purpose-driven design firm and Certified B Corporation based in Chicago. Bridging the gap between design and impact, LimeRed helps meaningful brands and businesses showcase their unique message through expertly crafted digital strategies.

Since 2004, Emily and her team have been advocating for social good through their design work with like-minded clients, and the past 15 years have proved to be an interesting (and hugely inspiring) journey.

In this episode of the Grow Ensemble Podcast, she dives deep into this journey — discussing how armed with only a computer, one client, and no formal business training — she was able to build a thriving business succeeding in its authentic mission to do good.

A few favorite takeaways from our conversation:

  • Emily’s relationship with risk and the part it played in LimeRed’s success
  • Navigating the mental and emotional stress of being committed to positive change
  • What it means to design for impact and the key practices LimeRed employs to help their clients
  • The “comparison trap” and the effects it has when building a business