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The Social Entrepreneurship & Innovation Podcast

Jan 19, 2021

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Oregon’s most diverse winegrowing region has been 200 million years in the making. Two-thirds of the wine made in Oregon is grown and bottled in a geologically rich area, nourished by a delicate balance of rain and sun: the Willamette Valley.

More than 700 wineries call the seemingly magical Willamette Valley home, which stretches 150 miles between Eugene and Portland, loosely following the Willamette River and holding the state capital of Salem. One winery with a particularly rich history in the Willamette is owned and operated by the Brooks family. 

Portland native Jimi Brooks lived in the Beaujolais region of France after college to learn the intricate art of winemaking. Upon his return to the states, it was Jimi’s dream to open a winery that represented his own commitments to both land stewardship and excellent wine. 

Although Jimi passed in 2004 shortly after establishing Brooks Winery in 1998, the winery serves as his living legacy. The Brooks community banded together in the wake of this tragedy and continues to produce wine in Jimi’s signature style. Jimi’s sister Janie spoke with us on the Social Entrepreneurship & Innovation Podcast about how she led the charge to make Brooks the first winery to become a B Corporation, Certified Biodynamic, and member of 1% For the Planet all in her brother’s honor.

In our Episode with Janie, we discuss

  • The history of Brooks Winery
  • How Janie worked to make Brooks a Certified Biodyanmic Winery, a 1% For the Planet Member, and the first winery to become a B-Corp
  • The relationship between farming, ecology, and delicious wines and why they practice Biodynamic farming
  • Why Oregon is one of the best wine-growing regions in the U.S.

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