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The Social Entrepreneurship & Innovation Podcast

Feb 11, 2021

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Capitalism came into fruition when the world was full of seemingly inexhaustible resources. But as we know, this is no longer the case. Climate change is threatening how we do business, and some businesses are fighting right back. 

Consumers in today’s markets are increasingly aware of corporate transgressions. We’re tired of seeing an economic system that rewards corporate behavior at the expense of other people and our shared planet.

One way we’re seeing a shift in the global economy is through sustainable capitalism and the B Corp movement. Professor and author Chris Marquis is proving that capitalism doesn’t have to be all bad, it can be a force for good when adjusted through the lens of sustainable businesses.

Chris spoke on the Social Entrepreneurship & Innovation Podcast about how the B Corp movement is integral to shifting businesses towards social good and how much progress they’ve made in the last decade for a more equitable, livable future.

In our Episode with Chris, we discuss: 

  • The B Corp Movement and how it changed Chris's perceptions of corporate social responsibility.
  • The differences between corporate social responsibility and a B Corp. 
  • The evolution and future of capitalism as it relates to the B Corp Movement and sustainability. 
  • How changing the way businesses operate can help change the world. 

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