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The Social Entrepreneurship & Innovation Podcast

Feb 25, 2021

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Purchasing trends show that people prioritize environmental impact when buying. Our move towards companies that share our interest in protecting the planet comes at a time when the choice is becoming more and more of a no-brainer.

No matter what we are looking for, there is almost always an option that is comparable in price, equal or better in quality, and doesn’t come at the expense of the planet. Not only are some companies responding to consumer preference, but, excitingly, many are leading the way forward in terms of environmental stewardship.

As companies increasingly label themselves “eco-friendly,” it can be tricky to identify the companies that are truly eco-friendly and those that are merely jumping on the environmental bandwagon for “green marketing.”

But worry not! After a brief discussion of what it means for a business to be truly environmentally sustainable, we will share a list of our favorite companies leading the way in planet-friendly business practices.

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