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The Social Entrepreneurship & Innovation Podcast

Mar 9, 2021

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This episode originally aired in February 2020. You can find the full episode & show notes here: 

There’s an inherent power in storytelling. When we watch a film, our bodies physically react by releasing oxytocin and sparking empathy. We identify, mourn with, and feel for the people in the stories we’re hearing about. 

But what if the stories we hear are sad to start, but pivot to being uplifting and enlightening? In many people, that triggers a response to participate in the solution that lifted the character out of treacherous conditions and into a better life. This is how Home Storytellers is shedding light on the solutions surrounding the global refugee crisis. 

By focusing on the incredible potential of these people to succeed and drive change in their new communities, Home Storytellers uniquely brings awareness to the refugee crisis as a whole, through the lens of refugee crisis solutions The nonprofit organization shares uplifting refugee stories to inspire people, businesses, and governments to act in support of refugees becoming self-reliant. Plus, each film partners with a nonprofit organization that is providing aid to displaced peoples for the utmost impact.

In our Re-run Episode with Francisco and Alejandra, we discuss: 

  • How Home Storytellers was conceived
  • What it’s like to form a family-run organization
  • The lessons learned from their first few projects
  • How they are hoping to move forward as an organization

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