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The Social Entrepreneurship & Innovation Podcast

Mar 30, 2021

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Luxurious, sweet, delectable, delicious. Around the world, chocolate is a consumer favorite. It tops our ice cream, fills our bellies on Halloween, and makes a s’more a s’more. Chocolate is so ingrained into our everyday lives, but most consumers aren’t aware of the disastrously dangerous supply chain from cocoa bean to bar. 

Tony's Chocolonely has risen to global fame since the company's first slave-free chocolate bar hit shelves in 2005. Today, Tony's is a B Corporation and Fairtrade chocolate company elevating the standard for chocolate companies everywhere. 

In our Episode with Ynzo we discuss: 

  • The current crisis of modern slavery in the chocolate value chain 
  • The work Tony's is doing to combat slavery and raise the bar for other chocolate brands. 
  • The consumers and companies both play in ethical chocolate. 
  • The role of certifications in the industry and what they actually mean for producers. 

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