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The Social Entrepreneurship & Innovation Podcast

May 4, 2021

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During his time in the Peace Corps in Nicaragua, Aram Terry saw firsthand the devastating impact of deforestation and in contrast, the economic benefit of forest stewardship. This fueled his desire to found businesses that focus on sustainable forestry as a means to extend the lives of our forests for future generations. 

The value forests provide goes beyond beauty; their resources can be monetized. A recent estimate puts the value of our global ecosystems at $142.7 trillion annually

Since forests have both tangible and intangible value, it’s only right that their management is as sustainable as possible. On the Social Entrepreneurship & Innovation Podcast, Aram shared how he’s making an impact with not one, not two, but three (!!!) businesses focused on reforesting deforested land and creating a market for young wood.

In our Episode with Aram we discuss: 

  • What drew Aram to Nicaragua and forest stewardship in particular.
  • How Masaya & Co. was started and the growth the company has experienced 
  • How Aram's two other ventures also prioritize sustainable forestry and reforestation 
  • The economic benefit of reforestation and making wood products 

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