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The Social Entrepreneurship & Innovation Podcast

May 11, 2021

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What makes the world’s most successful companies successful? Sales, growth, market expansion...all contributing factors. But perhaps the most crucial determinant for a company’s success are the local players involved in getting it off the ground: its innovation ecosystem.

The World Economic Forum has been a long standing supporter of sustainable business and economic development. Their Scale 360° initiative seeks to cultivate innovation ecosystems within cities, making them new hubs for innovation. Behind the scenes, Helen Burdett is leading this initiative and ensuring both public and private support for local entrepreneurs to take their concepts from written on a napkin to the real world. 

We spoke with Helen on the Social Entrepreneurship & Innovation Podcast about how innovation ecosystems are crucial for altering the status quo that we know and accept. In this post, based on our conversation with Helen, we’ll explain what an innovation ecosystem is, how innovation ecosystems are built, and provide an example of how one of our favorite environmentally friendly companies has cultivated and built their own innovation ecosystem to accommodate a world-shifting new material.  

In our Episode with Helen we discuss: 

  • What is an innovation ecosystem? 
  • How the World Economic Forum is scaling innovation ecosystems around the globe. 
  • Her background in technology and sustainability. 
  • The power of affecting systems change globally and becoming more circular. 

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