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The Social Entrepreneurship & Innovation Podcast

Jun 29, 2021

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Fashion, as we know it, is linear. From material extraction to textile production, design, manufacturing, sales, marketing, and end of life, the fashion industry is designed to maximize clothing sales. But what if that business model could shift?

Changemakers are reimagining the business of fashion, designing circular systems, and disrupting the status quo to build a truly sustainable industry. 

Cory spoke with two of those changemakers on the Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation Podcast, Asheen Phansey and Monica Park of circular fashion business consultancy and Public Benefit Corporation Eleven Radius. This discussion of the circular fashion economy and how business solutions can help us break the fast fashion cycle is the newest installment of our Impact of Fashion series in partnership with Dhana.

Check out earlier episodes to learn about the Rhana Plaza Collapse, Inclusivity & Sustainability in Fashion, How to Avoid Fast Fashion, and the concept of circular fashion, then listen to this great conversation all about the business of circularity in fashion!

In our Episode with Giancarlo we discuss: 

  • What is Circularity?
  • Linear fashion economy
  • Circular fashion economy
  • Business solutions to fast fashion

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