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The Social Entrepreneurship & Innovation Podcast

Apr 26, 2022

In a time when humanity struggles to avert a climate crisis, there’s a glimmer of hope for the fashion industry to be able to contribute to saving the environment. With the help of the right people and technology, being both environmentally friendly and fashionable at the same time can be achieved.

In our last episode...

Apr 19, 2022

Trees are important not only for oxygen and the environment, but also for society and the economy. When today’s guest was only 16, he and his brother had the idea of planting trees while selling carbon offsets back, and that paved the way to the beginning of tentree.

Continuing our revisitation of some excellent...

Apr 12, 2022

Product manufacturers use a lot of chemicals that are harmful to the environment. But one family-owned business has a mission to reduce its product impact on the environment. Can they continuously create a product that would generate good for both people and the environment? 

In celebration of Earth Month, we are...

Apr 5, 2022

This episode is in honor of Earth Month, and a repost from our discussion with Elizabeth Whitlow in October of 2020.

Elizabeth is the Executive Director of the Regenerative Organic Alliance (ROA), which is a revolutionary new food label requiring farmers to use sustainable, organic, and regenerative practices. ROA was...