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The Social Entrepreneurship & Innovation Podcast

Dec 30, 2021

Welcome back to part two of this special project, where we recap some of the strongest moments from our guests recorded throughout the year to close out 2021!

Featured in this two-part series are ten impact business leaders who are changing the course of business for the good of the planet and people everywhere. 

First up is Laura Vicaria, CSR manager of MUD Jeans, to talk to us about circularity in the context of sustainability, and how sustainability should extend to dispel the power dynamic in the fashion industry and ensure that everyone benefits across the supply chain. 

Next, we hear from Corey Kohn about how her Buddhist upbringing informs how she does business and the deeper purpose of her tech agency, Dojo4. 

Another guest committed to using business as a force for good is tree farmer, Aram Terry, who explains why reforestation should be made into a business and why wood is the most sustainable building material. 

Amy Hall follows with a definition of true sustainability and some insightful solutions to address fast fashion. 

Finally, we welcome Eleven Radius’ Asheen Phansey and Monica Park, veterans of corporate sustainability and the fashion industry, respectively. Asheen points out the opportunity of circularity, while Monica identifies its greatest barriers and their respective solutions.

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