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The Social Entrepreneurship & Innovation Podcast

May 31, 2022

In honor of World Refugee Month (June), we bring back this exceptional conversation with Yasmine Mustafa of ROAR for Good from October 2019. 

Yasmine Mustafa is a champion social entrepreneur, refugee, and immigrant living in the United States. Her own personal experience drove her to build a company that uses technology and focuses on personal safety. 

Yasmine founded ROAR for Good, a mission-driven technology company dedicated to cultivating a safer workplace. Their vision to empower people with technology inspired them to launch their latest product, Always On – an indoor location tracking safety device. Prior to launching ROAR for Good, Yasmine founded and sold her first company, Girl Develop It - Philly, to a prominent marketing firm in Silicon Valley.

In this episode, Yasmine speaks about her passion for leveraging technology for social good, the journey in creating their first prototype safety device with her team, and the reason for their shift from consumer-based to business-based market. Yasmine also shares how a non-tech person like herself built a successful and revolutionary technology company.

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