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The Social Entrepreneurship & Innovation Podcast

Jul 19, 2022

Whether a fatty snack or nutritious meal, all the food we consume has a massive impact on our bodies. That’s why it’s important that we have access to foods that are safe, nutritious, affordable, and, ideally, work in harmony with the environment.

Paul Greive is an accountant, marine veteran, family man, and founder of Pasturebird. Pasturebird is one of the largest pastured poultry producers in the US that uses regenerative farming and provides people with more nutritious meat that comes from a more natural environment. 

This accountant-turned-farmer believes everyone should have access to ethically-produced, nutritious food, which is why it has been a true joy for him to be one of the people pushing forward and re-inventing a new-old way of farming.

In this episode, Cory and Paul talk about the journey of building Pasturebird over a decade. Paul shares his life in the military, his battle with Lyme disease, and starting a pasture-poultry farm business with only 50 chicks, to raising millions of chickens without using a single antibiotic or drug. Paul addresses the problems in the food industry and the future of farming with the regenerative agriculture movement.


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