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The Social Entrepreneurship & Innovation Podcast

Jun 25, 2019

Sarah Woolsey is the founder of the Impact Guild—a co-working, event, and community organizing space based in San Antonio, Texas. Sarah’s journey started in the nonprofit world, which piqued her interested in whether there may be more a financially sustainable way to make the impact she wanted. Following that curiosity, Sarah was given the Impact Guild building for a whopping $1/year rent where she has built a strong community of impact-driven companies and social entrepreneurs.

Sarah and the Impact Guild host budding social enterprises in their space where idea sharing and community problem-solving is at the center of the space’s culture. They are deeply involved in the community hosting local events, highlighting social businesses and business people, and investing in social entrepreneurs around the world.

This episode is full to the brim of tips on the process of getting an idea out of your head and into the world. Sarah shares her experience getting the Impact Guild building (for $1/year!), her advice on balancing mission and business, and how to utilize your community as you build your business.