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The Social Entrepreneurship & Innovation Podcast

Jun 18, 2019

Peter Dering—founder and owner of Peak Design—quit his job in construction in pursuit of professional autonomy and, by scratching his own itch so to speak, he was able to create just that. Peak Design creates cutting edge bag and camera equipment to simplify taking your passion into your adventure. As the creator of some of the highest grossing Kickstarter campaigns ever, Peak Design remains a customer-focused company, with a steadfast mission of sustainability.

Peter and Peak Design are committed to offsetting their environmental impact and pushing for other companies to do the same. Peak Design donates 1% of their revenue to environmental nonprofits and guarantees their products for life—keeping them in the hands of enthusiasts and out of landfills. With the prospect of selling over $100 million in products this year, Peak Design continues to create amazing products for the adventurers among us, all while leaving the world a better, cleaner place than they found it.

In this episode, Peter shares his experience with the immediate boom Peak Design experienced after it’s first Kickstarter launch. He also provides a very tangible roadmap for how companies can take steps to structure their company to make sure they are doing their part in environmental conservation.

A few takeaways from our conversation:

  • Have confidence in your abilities and take chances to create the life you want.
  • Use the modern tools that exist to help young or beginning entrepreneurs.
  • “There are a lot of small players out there who are willing to help companies out with a lot of the tricky aspects of design.”
  • All companies making a profit could be (and should be) giving a reasonable effort to offset their environmental impact.


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