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The Social Entrepreneurship & Innovation Podcast

Oct 15, 2019

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Before Tara-Nicholle truly recognized her soul’s calling, she spent much of her life in shadow careers, getting a Masters in psychology, working as a lawyer, and acting as the Chief Marketer for MyFitnessPal before they went through a major acquisition in 2015. After she left that position, she realized that while she was good at marketing, what she was really excellent at was coaching people on how to find their own true calling and how to master their life in all areas.

Answering that calling is what led her to found SoulTour. With SoulTour, Tara spends most of her time helping high-achieving women and purpose-driven businesses. She guides them through daily rituals, courses, and challenges in SoulTour’s School of Spiritual Strategy to help them eliminate inner roadblocks up-level their reality on all fronts. She’s also authored an excellent book, The Transformational Consumer

She is really excited about the future of what SoulTour has to offer. Having come to an understanding that her company’s people are looking to conquer the hard things that come their way, their future is about rebranding their content to address this shift in thinking.

In this episode, Tara discusses the hero’s journey and how it applies to her daily work, her own personal transformation and how she references it daily, the specifics of her coaching methods, and the process of authoring her latest book.