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The Social Entrepreneurship & Innovation Podcast

Jun 30, 2020

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In the latest episode, we're speaking with Adam Kunes, Founder of purpose-driven boutique travel company Have Fun Do Good. Have Fun Do Good offers epic group travel experiences in the United States and abroad. Each experience incorporates a chance for participants to give back through volunteerism. Their aim is to change the idea of the traditional vacation mindset, hoping to provide attendees with an opportunity that will encourage them to continue to give back once they arrive back home.

In our chat, we dive into:

  • The inspiration and origins behind Have Fun Do Good
  • The benefits of incorporating volunteering into a more traditional vacation
  • How Adam blended his experience with running a nonprofit and a for-profit business to run Have Fun Do Good
  • The recent launch of their new initiative, Drink Beer Do Good
  • How a Semester at Sea changed Adam’s life

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