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The Social Entrepreneurship & Innovation Podcast

Nov 2, 2021

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Take a look around you—carpets, curtains, sheets, upholstery, the clothes we wear. TeXtiLes aRe evErywheRe! 

Textiles are so embedded in our everyday life that we barely notice them, let alone spend time visualizing all the textiles that exist in the world and those still being created.

For this reason, and because textile pollution is much less visible than other kinds, we don’t usually think of textiles in terms of sustainability. And yet, the fashion industry is the fourth most polluting industry in the world after energy, transport, and agriculture.

As such, considering the development of sustainable textiles and processing systems is central to addressing the climate crisis.

Developing sustainable textiles and in a more sustainable way won’t be easy—the textile industry’s ubiquity and ties to agriculture, science, manufacturing, culture, and so many other fields means we must develop multidimensional solutions that reach across industries and ideologies.

As Materevolve’s Krystle Moody Wood explains to us, it is exactly this ubiquitous and intersectional nature that makes the textile industry so poised to create revolutionary change. 

The sustainable textile movement is key to bringing about a more regenerative world. In this post and accompanying podcast episode, we’ll discuss the current environmental impacts of the textile industry and how we, as both consumers and companies, have the power to ignite systematic change at every level.

In our Episode with Krystle, we discuss: 

  • The Textile Industry’s Impact on the Environment
  • The Framework of the Textile Industry
  • A Consumer's Guide to Sustainable Textiles

Full Show Notes & Episode Bonuses:

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