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The Social Entrepreneurship & Innovation Podcast

Dec 28, 2021

In this special two-part project, we're recapping some of the strongest moments from our impact business leader guests throughout the year – the ones who are changing business for the good of the people and the planet – to close out 2021!

First up is Madeleine Shaw, who gives us her expansive definition for social entrepreneurship, and tells us all about her aim to help people feel empowered to enact change. 

Next, we hear some pearls of wisdom from Giancarlo Marcaccini, from Yogi Tea, about bouncing back from failure, loving what you do, hiring good people, and facilitating success. 

Carol Sanford talks us through her three Cs of leadership, which include capability, culture, and consciousness.

Christopher Marquis, who recently produced a book called, Better Business, on the role of the B Corp in reinventing capitalism, comes in next. He is a believer that when both structure and intent have the correct aim, business has the ability to be a force for good. You’ll hear the two things that set the B Corp apart from other forms of business. 

And lastly for this first-of-two parts, we ask Faith Legendre about her views on fashion and sustainability, and she shares some unexpected statistics with us.

Tune in again in a couple of days for the second episode on these inspiring Impact Leaders!

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