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The Social Entrepreneurship & Innovation Podcast

Feb 1, 2022

How can businesses be more sustainable? And from the consumer’s side, what can we do to push businesses to make more sustainable choices? This episode marks the final installment of our sustainable business series. 

Today, we unpack the seven most common prescriptions on how to become more sustainable, and three ways to become a more conscious consumer. We touch on the role of the Fashion Transparency Index, and the B Impact Assessment, along with taking an analysis of every company you spend money with. 

We use the examples of Patagonia and Mud Jeans to illustrate companies who make value-driven decisions, and touch on why, to address global warming, you need to address current needs. 

The majority of waste is created when we don’t use materials that have taken energy and resources to manufacture. We discuss how bearing that in mind to make sustainable choices works for the good of the planet, rather than just serving as a marketing tool.

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