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The Social Entrepreneurship & Innovation Podcast

Mar 1, 2022

In today’s episode, Cory revisits three interviews from February and shares his thoughts, reflections, and key takeaways for the show’s new annotations segment. 

Hear a recap from Kate Stoddard, Branden Harvey, and Tara Donaldson. 

Cory kicks things off with an overview of his conversation with Kate Stoddard, Founder of Orchestra Provisions, a company that designs cricket protein superfoods that can easily be incorporated into the average American diet. Hear about how Kate’s parents shaped her desire to be impactful and why you don’t need to do the extreme to have an impact. 

Next, Cory revisits his interview with Branden Harvey, Founder of Good Good Good, a media platform that is designed to leave you feeling more hopeful and better equipped to do more good. Branden describes the distinction between feel good news and real news, why his company is all about good news, and how  being purpose driven can sustain you through tough times. 

For the final recap, Cory takes a look at his interview with Tara Donaldson, Executive Editor of WWD, Founder of The Diversity List, and former Editorial Director of Sourcing Journal. His interview with Tara serves as a searing reminder of the failures of mainstream media to report on the less glamorous aspects of fashion and challenge the unsustainable status quo that is still dominating the industry. 

Gain a new perspective on being impactful, doing good, and the role of journalism and check out the full episodes if you’d like to hear more!

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