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The Social Entrepreneurship & Innovation Podcast

Jan 31, 2023

Hydropower was the first and is now the oldest large-scale source of renewable energy that we’ve deployed worldwide. Hydropower offers a unique set of advantages in the context of an entirely decarbonized energy grid. It can offer storage capacity and be more consistent when sources like wind and solar are not available.
Gia Schneider is the CEO of Natel Energy, an innovative company she co-founded with her brother, Abe, in 2009 that is designing and implementing hydropower projects that both produce affordable, clean, and renewable energy and leave the river ecosystems they're set up in better off.
With this conversation, we’ll be working to understand hydropower: its potential, its historic challenges and limitations, and a path forward for wielding this resource efficiently and restoratively.
👉 Since this interview in the fall of 2022, Natel Energy has had some exciting updates:
  • Commissioned their first turbine in European waters for Austrian Utility, Energie Steiermark (Natel's third fully-installed project to date)
  • Expansion into Africa with a contract to deliver four 1.9 meter fish-safe RHTs to MyHydro for the first of 33 potential projects in the Democratic Republic of Congo
  • Publication of study results outlining 100% survival of American eels passing through the RHT in Transactions of the American Fisheries Society


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