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The Social Entrepreneurship & Innovation Podcast

Apr 2, 2019

Today were sitting down with the CEO and Co-founder of Wize Monkey, Max Rivest, who talks to us about their company that produces coffee leaf tea. The road to success wasn’t always easy, but Max’s tireless passion and persistence have resulted in a successful business that not only crafts an entirely unique product, but one that also contributes to the sustainability of the coffee industry. 

Max shares about his educational background, how his mother’s wisdom has been a guiding light along his path of important decision-making and about the job that gave way to a quarter-life crisis. We get into more detail about the time he spent in France, the valuable lessons he learned there and how a project in his MBA studies started him off on the exploration into coffee leaf tea.   

Having a marketing and branding background, we discuss the various approaches Max has taken in selling their product, including the realization that they needed a stronger emphasis on the quality and taste of their tea rather than focusing predominantly on the social impact. There is so much to be inspired by, not to mention Max’s totally relatable experiences.  

So be sure to join us today for another awesome episode of the Grow Ensemble Podcast!